euROmania digest no. 1

17-24 august 2008
here comes the first weekly digest
with EU+ROMANIA related posts from, a personal project blog about the spending of EU funds in romania. the articles are in romanian, with english summaries. the articles contain as well word/pdf files, videos and photos… enjoy the reading!

ONGuri ante portas!
NGOs ante portas!

several romanian NGOs will get involved during september and october 2008 in structural funds monitoring and information activities in POS monitoring committees (CM) in ministries an in POR strategic evaluation committees (CRESC) on the level of regional development agencies.

pregatirea unei sedinte …nepregatite
preparing an …unprepared meeting
ADR centru publishes very lately the materials for the next session of the strategic evaluation committee CRESC.

21.08:: CRESC adr centru – în drum spre maturizare?
does the CRESC evaluation committee get mature?

the meeting of the strategic evaluation committee CRESC at the transilvanian regional development agency ADR centru was a partial success. CRESC president lokodi emoke asks members to sign a “declaration of confidentiality” (see doc).

23.08:: foaie verde, cu sapardu…
happy SAPARD fraud in romania

APDRP, the rural development and payment agency suspends EU funds for the SAPARD program.

24.08:: “europe direct” …direct în ploaie
“europe direct” – straight into the rain

“europe direct” abandons dozens of boxes with information material at a festival in sighisoara, romania.

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